Work With Me - Fabio Bonanno


  • Are you fed up trying different diets?
  • Are you sick of working out with no results?
  • Do you feel lost in where to start?

You don’t need to keep struggling, stop wasting your time.

My mission is to create permanent change in business men’s lives to make sure they keep the results they have, forever. If you don’t learn what’s best for you along the way, then I’ve failed. That’s why I created a money back guarantee.

After training with me you’ll

  • Increase energy and sex drive
  • Feel younger, fitter and healthier
  • Look better
  • Improve posture
  • Take charge of your own health and fitness
  • Be able to live a normal life.

I created The Performance Power Plan as a solution to your problem.

The Performance Power Plan has 5 simple principles and 3 stages to accelerate you to the end goal.

  • Balance - I make sure you have a strong foundation to build on, we build foundations to support more work later on. Testing and mobility are priorities here.
  • We work on sorting out physical imbalances as well as finding areas in your life that can start to be improved to support success.
  • Build - The key here is to continue to make improvements in your mobility, while building strength and fitness to increase your metabolism and have you able to perform better.
  • Blast - When you are ready, we push harder and blast through any previous plateaus you may have had, accelerating you towards your goals and have you feeling the best you have ever felt.

I work primarily with business men in central London on a 1-2-1 basis during the working week. There are a lot of areas to focus on so ensuring we have that time inside and outside the gym is key.

For anyone who can’t access me in person, I offer an elite online training package to support you virtually.

The gym is easy access from popular stations like Marble Arch (60s walk) and Bond Street (few minutes’ walk).

Everything in your plan is designed to make your life easier and better.


We also help in the workplace with corporate wellness to make it even easier to manage client’s health. 

For every $100 invested in corporate wellness, there is a $400 return with regards to lost sick days, improved productivity as well as atmosphere and team bonding.

From health screening days where we take baseline health measurements to mindfulness events and fitness classes. Just like the 1-2-1 service, every package is customized to the client’s needs so contact us directly by clicking below.  

Frequently Asked Questions

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What do I get training with you?

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Is it all chicken and broccoli to get in shape?

I’ve hurt myself, do I just give up?

How much is changing my life going to cost me?

I’m ready, how do I start?