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Are you really ready to change?

Where are you in the stages of change?

Are you ready?

Or are you still contemplating it?

It’s ok not to know where you are at times.

There are moments in your life where you just wake up and realise there’s work to be done.

You don’t get fat overnight, it’s usually a progression of lots of small, insignificant habits that are compounded into 1 larger habit.

This is based around “The Transtheoretical Model” which is basically the stages of change you go through.

Where are you on the circle?

No matter whether you’re looking to make a big business decision, get in shape, or something else in your life, you will be in 1 of a few stages.

See the picture below from Boston University

The stages of change model

You are somewhere in the circle.

At any stage, you are somewhere in the circle.

As you read rough this blog, you might find yourself going from precontemplation to contemplation as I create some awareness of your situation and get you thinking.

Like I said before, you don’t wake up fat.

You will gradually be putting on weight.

The precontemplation stage will be the part that you don’t see 1 pound here or there being put on.

As it gets worse, you will start to notice something has to be done but that doesn’t mean you’ll take action .

You’re no in the contemplation stage which just means that you know something has to be done.

Moving on

As you figure a few things out, you prepare to take action.

The preparation phase is the phase you start to think about a plan but you wont always be in that position to do so.

In the near future you will be embarking on your journey of action.


It’s time to do something about it.

You’ve went through a few phases now, mainly mental, and you’re ready to take on the task at hand.

Whether it’s losing fat, sorting your diet out and/or getting to a gym, now is the time to execute.

This doesn’t guarantee success.

Often people relapse here and end up back at the first stage.


Success isn’t guaranteed.

As you take action, you’ll come across road blocks, hurdles and a host of other challenges.

This is where you assess what went wrong, where you could have done better and make the changes needed, or just forget about the goal altogether.


You might end up “relapsing” a few times over before you figure out what really works for you.

The maintenance phase allows you to continue to move towards your goal and make the adjustments needed.


After maintenance comes success.

You can exit and enter the circle at any stage at any time.

Your life changes and so does your focus.

Success isn’t about remaining at one point forever.

There’s no way anyone can be on top of there game forever.

Stress, work, sleep, family, relationships, the list goes on.

You are in charge and the more frequently you exit the circle, the better you will be at coming back in at a point further forwards.

How to apply all of this?

This can be confusing, but it doesn’t have to be.

You don’t have to think about your life like this.

You just have to know that progress and regress is a normal part of life.

Ever hear of 2 steps forwards and 1 step backwards?

That’s still progress.

Make it simple.

The easiest way to stay on track is to make it simple.

You don’t have to look for the most hardcore workout plan or diet out there to succeed.

That will just throw you out of the circle at the relapse stage.

The easier the better.

Small wins.

How do I do it?

That’s how I work with my clients.

We break it down to make it simple to understand with the 3 B’s system

Balance, build, then blast.

You don’t start at the end of the race without any foundations in place.

A full assessment of your lifestyle and health takes place and we find out where you can get your biggest wins with the least invasive approach to your life.

If you want to arrange a free strategy call for me to outline exactly how this works then you can contact me below and I’ll get back to you asap with a time to speak.

There is too much confusion these days when it comes to taking charge of your health and I’m here to remove that.

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