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How Busy Burnt Out London City Professionals Are Transforming Their Bodies, Boosting Energy Levels and Building More Muscle


You missed out!

My Name is Coach Fabio Bonanno and I'm looking for 5 busy London professionals who want to build more muscle, increase strength and get to work on their body fat.

My performance power plan is idealfor men who want to:

  • Build more muscle with as little as 3 workouts per week,
  • Increase energy levels to boost work performance and productivity and...
  • Eliminate stubborn belly fat once and for all

Then this could be the best investment you'll ever make.

The Performance Power Plan is designed to accelerates results with life changing transformations. 

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What's Included in The Online Performance Power Plan

  • A detailed lifestyle questionnaire so we can make a personalised plan for your situation.
  • A fully customised workout delivered through an app, no more wasted workouts.
  • Custom nutrition guidelines and daily coaching with over 100,000 people transformed.
  • 350+ simple and detailed exercise videos so you know exactly what you are doing.
  • Weekly coaching calls to accelerate results, overcome issues and keep you accountable.
  • 400+ recipes to give you even more options to stay on track with nutrition.
  • WhatsApp support for more accountability.
  • GUARANTEED RESULTS or your money back (because that's how confident I am that my programme works, and guess what? I’ve never had to issue a refund)

Here Are Some Businessmen I've Already Helped Transform

Case study - Amar.

Amar came to me as a tired and stressed business owner.

He managed 6 businesses, partied too hard and never had anything left for his health. 

He transformed his life while on The Performance Power Plan.

He is now in complete control of his health and energy. 

He went on to launch a successful meal preparation company and is still in incredible shape. 

Amar, 36 - London

Case study - Kris.

Kris works in the financial sector, he had too much work and not enough energy to perform his best in his job. 

Kris was tired of wasting time trying to get in shape so he reached out to me.

After The Performance Power Plan, he got in even better shape, was stronger than ever and his energy increased massively. 

All this allowed him to be more commanding in his job, allowing him to be more productive. 

Kris, 37, london

Case study - Kieran 

Kieran owns a successful mortgage business. 

He was feeling pretty bad about himself. He felt soft, had injuries and low energy. 

After a 12 week transformation on The Performance Power Plan he was lifting the most he'd ever lifted (180kg), back pain gone, energy and muscle up, body fat down. 

Happier than ever with results, more energy for his business and his family with 3 kids. 

He went on to get even better results with the principles he learned on the plan and continues to progress his business and his health goals. 


Kieran, 44, London

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