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The IBS solution

What is IBS?

IBS stands for irritable bowel syndrome.

To keep it simple, it is inflammation of the gut which means you’ll have a hard time absorbing and digesting food

This will often be accompanied with bloating, discomfort and even cramps

It’s not nice

I completely get how it must feel

I know how bad I feel just eating a few bad meals

IBS usually happens when a few bad meals turn into the normal

How do you get IBS? 

It really depends

Some people are genetically predisposed to it

Most people who suffer due to lifestyle choices

Your body is an incredible survival machine that can adapt to all the stress you throw at it

There’s a difference between surviving and thriving though

You can give your body a lot of junk and eventually you’re going to feel like what you’re eating

The symptoms of IBS

The main symptoms are as follows:

  • Excessive gas
  • Irregular bowel habits
  • Stomach growling
  • Diarrhea
  • Constipation
  • Abdominal pain/cramping
  • Bloating

The causes of IBS

How do you treat it?

If you look at the causes, you can see it’s most probably a lifestyle disease so the solution is to change how you go about your day to day

Chances are that this has built up over years so it’s no quick fix but know there’s hope

You can slowly do the right things and stop the wrong things

Remember that this is a medical condition so if you want specific treatment, you need to get tested

This can involved stool tests, blood tests and more

Just know that almost all health conditions can be made better by improving your health habits and lifestyle

The following advice is going to help you feel better

Action steps

  • Manage your stress

This comes in many forms

Stress can be physical, mental and emotional as well as the food you give your body

If the food doesn’t agree with you, that’s a stressor

The thing with not being stressed is that everything works better

When you’re relaxed, your body works better and you can tolerate more stressors in your life

Find a way of minimising all stressors from work, relationships and lack of sleep

Of course, you still have to live your life but modifying how you do things will dramatically improve your health. 

Practice mindfulness and meditation

While you think it won’t help because it’s not a direct gut fix, it definitely does. It makes you healthier overall because your body feels safe and can work as it should.

  • Sleep

One of the simplest and free things you can do is sleep

Your body regenerates when you’re sleeping

If you have health issues then you need to sleep more

Aim for at least 7 hours, ideally 9 hours unbroken

This means no phone in your room or any electronics,

Have the room as dark as possible and have a regular sleep time you stick to every night at the same time

  • Minimise triggers

Follow a low FODMAP diet. FODMAP stands for fermentable oligosaccharides, disaccharides, monosaccharides, and polyols

This means that these foods can irritate the gut and make symptoms worse

It’s like an elimination diet to remove all potential irritants

It’s going to take some time and planning

Once you remove the triggers, you give your body and gut the chance to heal

These foods include the following 

  • Wheat/rye
  • Dairy
  • Beans/lentils
  • Garlic
  • Onions
  • Asparagus
  • Cauliflower
  • Brussels sprouts
  • Mushrooms
  • Fruit
  • Sugar/sugar alcohols

Cut out these foods and you should see a noticeable improvement in symptoms. 

  • Fast

Practice periods of not eating

This again goes to the minimised triggers

What happens is your body clears out a lot of the bad stuff when you don’t eat

Practice being hungry, it’s healthy and allows the body to heal

Start with 12 hours but you can increase to 16-24 hours depending on your life’s demands, do this 1-4 times per week

  • Supplement or medicate

Giving your body little extras to add to what you’re doing will always help. 

This is where my legal responsibilities stop me from prescribing anything but the following supplements can help

  • Multi strain probiotics to give your gut some good bacteria
  • Peppermint oil to help heal the gut
  • Fibre supplements
  • Digestive enzymes to help process the food you take in

There are other supplements and medications but look at these as a last resort after you’ve done all the other lifestyle factors

Finishing statement

IBS can be cured but it isn’t easy

It can be simple, you remove triggers, manage stress and eat the right foods while practicing fasting and adding in exercise and you’re good

Be patient, start a journal or log to track how you feel after meals, 

Create meal plans and you’ll gradually get better and better

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