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The best way to stop you from getting depressed

The best way to stop you from getting depressed

Nobody likes being depressed, 

It’s horrible,

It’s dark,

It can feel impossible to get out of.

You can be in there for weeks, months, or even longer if you don’t figure it out. 

And that can be painful. 

The issue with depression is that it’s a selfish state of being.

Bear with me here.

When you’re depressed,

All you can think about is yourself,

Your feelings,

How bad things are for you, 

You don’t care about anyone else.

And that’s ok.

But it’s giving depression power.

You can’t think your way out of depression.

Depression loves silence, darkness and inaction.

You go crazy when doing nothing.

Your body and brain needs to be put under good pressure.

So you have to act your way out of depression and start doing things for others.

When you serve the world,

You might be doing it to feel better,

But at least someone else benefits from your efforts.

Helping a friend or loved one,

Doing something good around the house,

Learning a new skill in a group or coaching environment.

You’re taking the focus away from yourself and starting to give attention to others.

Now I believe depression is also an honesty problem.

This is what I mean.

Usually someone depressed has missed something obvious,

Or has been lying to themselves about how bad something is.


You’ve been ignoring the signs, avoiding the scales and the mirror.

You don’t end up 100kg (or more) overnight.

That’s a long time of you saying “it’s not that bad”

Then you have other areas.


You might think you’re ok in one area because things aren’t terrible,

But is that really what you want?

Ok, not too bad, or fine?

Putting up with something or someone you don’t want to be with will have you lost in your head.

Because you’re avoiding the truth, hiding or lying about how things are,

You will struggle to truly feel good and safe.

If you’re broke and ignore your bank account,

Or keep spending, saying things aren’t that bad,

Maybe even gamble to chase those highs,

You’re in for a shock when the truth can’t be hidden any more,

And others are taken in with you.

The solution to all of this?

As hard as it might be to hear, is being honest.

Honest with yourself,

And honest with others,

In all areas of your life.

It’s easy for me to say sitting behind a laptop.

I can be the best story teller,

Especially when trying to convince myself.

That’s why I have coaches and mentors to help hold a mirror to me and tell me when I’m veering off the path.

You might not like honesty,

It’s uncomfortable.

But here’s the thing,

Once you know the truth,

You can take the right action.

Once you know how much you actually weigh,

You can figure out a plan to get the weight off.

Once you know how much you’re in debt,

You can start a debt repayment plan.

Once you know how broken a relationship is,

You can figure out how to fix it, or cut it off completely.

The truth is the answer to depression.

It’s not nice or an easy solution,

But it’s the right one.

So if you want to avoid depression,

Be honest with yourself more often.

Surround yourself with brutally honest friends, coaches and mentors.

They don’t have to be dicks about it,

But the truth is what you need,

No matter how hard it is to hear.

That way, you notice the warning signs early,

And can do something about it.

If any of this helped you see that you’re avoiding the truth,

And you want to do something about it,

Send me a message by clicking here or email me at

Fabio (honest) Bonanno

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