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Why testosterone is important for 40 year old men

Is testosterone a young mans hormone?

Yes, testosterone is higher in younger in teenagers and 20-30 year olds. We know this because of their endless drive, motivation and energy.

The drive in a younger man is generally higher than older men.

There are many reasons for this, the main one is that life hasn’t slowly worn them down.

Why do older men have lower testosterone?

We naturally peak around the age of 25 years old, this is apparent in top level athletes.

Most athletes will hit their prime between 24-28 depending on the sport.

After this, there’s a slow and steady decline due to the natural ageing process.

This doesn’t mean it’s all over for you, it just means you have to be smarter about your lifestyle choices.

The negatives

Having low testosterone can be problematic and comes with the following issues and risks.

  • Reduced sex drive and sexual function, including erectile disfunction.
  • Potential infertility.
  • Reduced muscle mass and strength.
  • Lack of motivation, potentially leading to depression or other similar issues.
  • Fatigue and lack of energy.
  • Sleep issues.

The list can go on, however, these are the most problematic issues.

Most, if not all men don’t want any of these issues, I know I don’t.

What causes low testosterone?

Their are numerous issues that can cause low natural testosterone levels and these can be any 1 of, or all of the following.

  • Lack of sleep.
  • Bad diet, low in cruciferous vegetables (think broccoli etc).
  • Alcohol consumption. (Booze is a testosterone killer)
  • No exercise, including strength training.
  • Stress.
  • Drugs.

Some of these are simple, and some are extremely complex to sort.

What to do about it?

If any of the things above worry you, then that’s a good thing.

The reason a lot of middle aged men start having these issues is because they have more stress and responsibility in their life.

Bigger business responsibilities, targets and pressure.

Mortgages, relationships, kids, business meetings and dinners.

No one is telling you to avoid these things, they’re all part of a normal mans life. You just have to be sensible about how you approach it.

The game plan.

The first thing to do is to manage exposure to stressors and testosterone theives.

This includes cutting down (not eliminating) the following.

  • Highly processed foods.
  • Prolonged stress of all sorts (mental and physical).
  • Alcohol.
  • Coffee.
  • Narcotics of any kind.

You should do more of the following.

  • Eat more cruciferous vegetables like broccoli, brussel sprouts, cabbage and cauliflower. (These foods will get rid of oestrogen, the female hormones that steal the testosterone you do have).
  • Manage stress. Practice mindfullness and/or meditation. This could be walking without your phone in a park or just sitting in silence. Stress is another testosterone thief.
  • Sleep more. Getting 7-8+ hours of sleep per night is paramount to maximise hormones. A lot of good stuff happens in prolonged deep sleep, including lower stress.
  • Eat a higher protein diet. Look to get 2 grams of protein per kg of bodyweight. Depending on portion size, you would be eating meats, eggs, dairy, protein shakes and fish about 3-6 times per day.

How this will help?

By cutting out the bad and introducing the good, you will quickly feel better.

When you feel better you will notice energy is high.

If energy is high, you’ll train harder, this will increase testosterone too and you’ll be feeling a lot more confident and motivated.

Any man wants to feel fitter, stronger and have more energy, confidence and motivation.

This is even more important in your 40’s and onwards as often men have more responsibility with less energy.

If you can maximise testosterone and keep yourself healthy, you will feel a lot better about attacking your business tasks as well as manage a good family life.

The takeaway message

You wont make progress by wishing yourself better.

You have to be 100% honest with yourself and be willing to put in the work.

If your not, it’s you that will suffer.

Most of these points are common sense and simple to apply.

Due to their simplicity, most men will overlook them.

“Just one more drink”

However, this is the issue that got you there in the first place.

Don’t be the guy unhappy about his life and not willing to do anything about it.

Get help here.

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