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How to life hack your way to success

What is a life hack?

How many blogs have you read about improving the quality of your life? 

The technical term for little things to do that add to the quality of your life is called a life hack

How many have you actually applied? 

Usually the ratio is off for most people. 

We live in a world of information overload and it’s just the law of nature that we can’t apply everything we learn, all at once. 

It would create neural overload and that is just tiring. 

What to do about it?

That’s why I’m a big believer in slow change. 

Slow change is sustainable and you have a much better chance of succeeding. 

The issue with slow change is that the results don’t come yesterday. 

Most people are frustrated that they aren’t getting fast results. 

However, in their frustration, they try so many different approaches over a long time and end up going nowhere. 

If you were to take the slow approach in the first place you would have progressed and not wasted any time. 

So how do you apply life hacks without feeling overwhelmed? 

Pick 1 thing

You pick 1 thing to change at a time and you stick to that. 

We do 1000’s of habits daily, that’s what makes us who we are. 

Our body and mind is a result of all these habits combined. 

It’s completely unrealistic to expect to change them all at once. 

That’s why you see programs like the biggest loser creating massive change only for the competitors to put all the weight back on, if not more. 

They don’t create slow, lasting change. 

By picking one thing at a time, you can process it. 

You can change and not feel overwhelmed. 

That could be changing the meat you buy for better quality. Sticking to that on each and every shop after that, or sourcing it somewhere else cheaper. 

That could be getting off transport 1 stop earlier to increase steps and adding that into your travel time. 

It could be listening to an audiobook or podcast on the way to work instead of music. You can still listen to music on the way home if you feel you’re missing out. 

It could be changing any product you buy to a lower Calorie, or higher quality one. Whatever it is. 

It could be keeping a bottle of water on your desk to remind you to drink more. 

The list goes on. 

Slow change is sustainable change. 

Life hack your way to success.

Fabio (life hacker) Bonanno

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