Is this bad habit destroying your health? - Fabio Bonanno

Is this bad habit destroying your health?

Is your coffee habit destroying your health?

“But I’ve always done that and never had an issue”

Just because something hasn’t effected you in the past doesn’t mean it isn’t effecting you now.

Habits can evolve over time. 

They can definitely make a difference if you consciously fine tune them and upgrade them.

However, if you’re mindless and unaware then you can easily go the other way.

This can happen to anyone at any time.

With so many things involved in your day to day life it can seem a little overwhelming to get everything right.

Even to know where to start.

I have a few real life examples today.

We’re going to talk about coffee.

Coffee is amazing, it has health benefits as well as performance benefits. 

But it’s a drug.

And any drug can be abused, just like anything else good for you.

Exercise can be the same.

A balanced training program 3-5 times per week with good recovery is great. 

Take away recovery and hammer yourself 7 days per week and exercise is bad. 

Same goes for coffee.

Some is good. 

Too much can be bad.

And like many things, quality as well as quantity matters

Example 1.

A client of mine says he doesn’t have issues sleeping but he’s stalled with fat loss. He’s lights out when he hits the pillow.

I know he likes to train late, 8-9pm which is even more worrying, especially after a 12-14 hour work day.

I wouldn’t be able to sleep if I trained that late, never mind having energy after a day like that. 

Anyway, after a few lifestyle questions I find out he’s having about 8-10 servings of cheap instant coffee per day.

Acid in a cup and a bad source of caffeine with a lot less of the health benefits of real coffee.

I asked him to cut out coffee for 1 week and he crashed.

Couldn’t function. 

A sure sign that he’s running in the red line and his adrenal glands are fatigued.

Example 2.

A family member is on medication for depression.

Bipolar to be specific. 

This can have signs of manic behaviour. 

Big highs and big lows. 

This person  has always drank coffee, part of their culture. 

I speak to a family member and they say they’ve always done that so what’s the issue?

Same thing, just because you’ve always done it, doesn’t make it right.

A comment of no sleep issues again, dead when they hit the pillow. 

On 100% through the day, then a car crash into a brick wall and off in bed.

A sure sign of overworked adrenal glands.

You should be winding down at night and it should be like slowly turning down a dimmer switch on a light until you’re off.

Example 3.


I am a big coffee drinker but I cant have multiple coffees throughout the day.

It makes me too jittery, mindless and slightly hyperactive.

I made a rule that I will only have 1 coffee per day. 

This one coffee is a blend in the morning that has a few supplements to help brain performance.

I will occasionally add in some coconut oil.

This is high in a fat called MCTs which is very easy and good to use for energy. 

It also slows down the absorption of caffeine too so you have a longer effect of one coffee.

My issue is that my coffee is a French press and about 24oz (700ml) in the morning.

This turned from some coconut oil occasionally to about 2-3 tablespoons every day.

I didn’t think anything of it because “I’ve always done it”

The issue is that too much coconut oil can potentially affect your gut.

The same goes for caffeine.

Having such a big load all at once every single morning started to effect me.

So now I have to assess and regroup.

I always think it’s a great idea to take time off of caffeine as it helps your adrenal glands and recovery, as well as your coffee tolerance.

Now I’ll be taking time away from coffee.

When I start again I’ll reduce the amount I have and I’ll also reduce the amount and frequency of coconut oil I add to it too.

We probably all have one vice that we don’t even know about.

“But Fabio, life is for living”

I get it. We need our guilty pleasure. 

Mine is coffee. I genuinely love it.

But it’s a drug and drugs are for mugs,

If you can’t moderate your usage anyway.

So cold Turkey it is for me for a 2 days and then back on it slowly.

Just ask yourself if there is an issue that isn’t going away in your life and if it’s effecting you with you realising it?

Fabio (coffee aficionado) Bonanno

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