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How to boost your energy levels

Do you struggle with energy levels?

A big issue with achieving anything is having the energy to do so.

Whether you’re trying to be productive in work, at home or in the gym,

We all need energy.

What reduces energy levels?

If we look at what reduces energy levels, we can start to figure out how to boost them.

The big issues when it comes to energy are the following;

  • Chronic stress levels
  • Long work days
  • Bad quality nutrition
  • Smoking and drinking
  • Dehydration

Now we know the biggest issues then we can look at action steps to start to increase your energy levels.

Do you need supplements?

The short answer is no,

The long answer is a bit more complicated.

Supplements are important but they are the last thing to focus on.

Ginseng, guarana, chromium picolinate, greens powders.

They all might sound like a chemistry class but they are the last part of any successful energy plan.

They can help but they only give you a tiny percentage increase.

There’s bigger things to work on that will make a difference.

The stress of focusing on taking 1 supplement will outdo any benefit it may or may not give you.

Don’t waste your time and money

Your efforts should be focused on the most simple things that make the biggest difference.

You can easily spend hundreds of pounds on supplements per month, or more.

They might only help you feel 5% better at most.

The things that work are generally free and anyone can do them.

If you focus on the following things, you’ll even save money depending on your starting point.

The action plan

Take each point mentioned above and let’s figure out your plan.


Stress is a killer.

In small, even high amounts, it can be good but if we are too stressed for too long, it is bad.

It raises blood pressure, negative hormones like cortisol in the body and can cause us to burn through energy without realising it.

When you’re stressed, you will feel tired all the time because your body is constantly running in the red zone.

Work on being aware first.

Check in with yourself.

Is your day busier than it needs to be?

Can you delegate tasks or stop them completely?

Can you plan 5 minute breaks to just sit and take deep breaths?

There is usually always room to lower stress.

Pick some form of mindfulness practice to start to manage this.

Once you lower stress, the strain on your body reduces and you end up having more energy because you’re asking less of your body.

Long work days

This could be the cause of your stress and cause you to have lower energy.

We don’t really have the capacity to be highly productive for more than a few hours of intense focus per day.

Demands of some jobs are now 12 hour days or more.

You aren’t going to feel like you have energy if you are constantly asking your body to be a peak output all day.

Figure out ways to be more productive in less time.

Delegate tasks.

Shut off distractions like phone notifications and emails for key productivity times.

You have to work, but you don’t have to work yourself to an early grave.

Manage your state when in work.

Be present when you’re there and take time out as often as you need to eat in silence with no distractions.

Making sure you fuel yourself to help your performance is key which brings me onto my next point.

Bad quality nutrition.

This is simple yet complicated at the same time.

Highly Calorific foods are easily accessible.

Calories mean energy right?

In the short term, yes.

Long term, they will hinder your progress and energy.

You need Calories and nutrients.

This means getting some colours in from various vegetables like salads etc.

Protein will keep you fuller for longer which will stock you reaching for bad quality snacks.

You might feel good for an hour but when your blood sugar drops, you’ll be looking for more food or a coffee cup.

Good food isn’t always easily accessible.

It takes time to learn what works for you and where and how you can get it.

Either plan ahead and order good food in, make it at home and bring it in or figure out good cafe’s or restaurants around you that serve healthy food.

The less time you need to think about eating well the better.

Smoking and drinking

2 vices that are seen as toxins to your body.

If your body takes in toxins, you won’t feel good.

It will give you a quick feel good hit but long term, you will keep needing that hit.

That means you will always be putting toxins into your body.

Detoxes work because they allow your body to focus on doing the good things it should instead of fighting the bad things you shouldn’t be eating.

Ideally cutting it out altogether but that can be unrealistic for some.

Read books on how to give up smoking.

Swap cigarettes out for nicotine patches, gum or another substitute to make the transition easier.

If you have to drink then stick with good quality red wine or small amounts of pure spirits.

Take your time with it.

1 small glass can be nursed, you can get a good relaxing effect without having to finish the bottle.


The easiest and most simple way to increase your energy.

It amazes me how little water some people drink.

If you’re going to the toilet and your urine is yellow during the day, you’re not drinking enough.

You should be having somewhat frequent trips to the toilet.

High quality plain mineral is key to your energy.

If you are just 2% dehydrated, it can decrease performance by up to 5-10% which is huge.

Aim to drink about 1 litre per 50lbs of bodyweight.

For someone 80kg, that’s about 3.5 litres of water a day.

A number very few people are drinking.

You drink that amount, you will probably eat less, burn more fat and energy will increase massively.

The take home message

Cut out the bad stuff and add in some good.

Having energy is simple.

We can survive putting our body through so much so we think the basics don’t matter for us.

The reality is with the above points set in strong foundations, you will have more energy than you ever had.

If you want help with increasing your energy levels then I work on a 1-2-1 and online basis with clients to maximise their lifestyle habits to get more energy, perform and look better.

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