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Are you feeding or fighting disease?

Can you fight disease with food?

Fighting disease doesn’t have to be difficult.

With every bite of food, or sip of drink that goes past your lips, you are either fighting disease or feeding it.

It can easily be a positive thing.

What is disease?

The defnition of disease is as follows.

“A disorder of structure or function in a human, animal, or plant, especially one that produces specific symptoms or that affects a specific location and is not simply a direct result of physical injury.”

Any health issues are an unfortunate part of life.

No one intentionally tries to be sick or get a disease.

Sometimes it just happens.

How bad is it?

The extent of sickness and disease depends on a number of things.

How healthy you were to start with.

How extreme the issue you are dealing with can be.

Your current nutritional status as well as stress. (1)

Each issue has to be assessed independently.

We can try to broaden the approach by giving general guidelines to complex problems, however, that wont solve the issues long term.

Can you fix it?

I think so.

You can take charge of your health.

Of course, prevention is a lot better than cure.

Being a few pounds overweight isn’t an issue on its own.

If you let that go, a few pounds can turn into 10’s of pounds.

This can lead to insulin resistance (the inability to regulate your blood sugar).

Keep this going and your pancreas can fail and you can end up with Type 2 diabetes.

I’m definitely not saying this is what will happen to you, it’s just one scenario that can evolve.

Sickness and disease is like the perfect storm, everything has to be “just right” for the issue to arise.

Take charge

If you want long term health, you have to take charge.

Having a network of health professionals is great but not always an option for everyone, logistically and/or financially

The issue with most general practitioners (GP’s or doctors to you and me) is that they prescribe medicine to fix a problem.

It’s a solution that a desperate patient is happy to hear.

Unfortunately, in the long run, it just manages the problem and this can often lead to higher doses of medicine as well as a host of negative side effects.

Work from the inside out.

Your outside world (your body, hair, skin and nails) is a reflection of your inner world (how healthy you are).

If you focus on fuelling yourself in the right way, you will find that disease can disappear.

The prescription to obesity is simple, 1 serving of “stop eating so much bad food”

Of course, simple doesn’t always mean easy.

Obesity has a simple solution but if it was easy, we wouldn’t have an epidemic on our hands.

Readily available high Calorie foods that come with less nutrients is contributing to the problem.

Couple that with the cost aspect of eating right vs wrong and we have a problem.

Get educated.

Don’t just read marketing claims of foods.

High protein isn’t high protein if it comes with high fat and high carbs.

To properly fuel a healthy functioning body, you have to focus on quality nutrients as well as Calories.

Combine this with fasting and bringing down inflammation in the body and you will be much better off . (2)

How to do it

Simplicity is key.

If you make it complex, you will struggle to stick to your new way of eating.

The reason people are out of shape, sick or diseased is usually a build up of habits.

Habits are things we do. Have more bad habits than good and you’ll be worse off.

Have more good than bad and you should see some progress.

Change 1 habit at a time.

Fasting/Calorie deficit

Fasting has been shown to extend lifespan. (3)

It works by clearing out dead cells and can help you burn more fat by creating a Calorie deficit (as long as you don’t eat too much when you eventually do eat.

Fasting is simple, you just don’t eat.

By not eating, you can start to regulate hunger as well as burn more fat.

Start by having your last meal 1 hour earlier and first meal 1 hour later.

If you’re used to eating all the time, it might be tough to start so make it simple.

You don’t have to fast every day and you don’t have to fast for huge amounts of time.

Health benefits start from 12 hours of fasting and are compounded after 16 hours.

The longer the better but you will end up with issues if you don’t eat correctly when you do.

As always, with any dietary approach, consult a medical professional before you start as fasting isn’t recommended for pregnant females as well as some health issues.

Eat protein

Protein is muscle sparing.

Your body will break down muscle to get amino acids from protein.

So naturally eating high enough amounts will cancel this out.

If you aim to eat 1.2-2 grams per kg bodyweight you will be ok.

Anything more is unnecessary and potentially damaging long term if you aren’t an extreme athlete.

What does this look like?

For an 80kg person it would be 96 grams to 160 grams.

96 grams would be roughly 4 eggs, 1 large chicken breast and a piece of fish or meat.

Simple, but not always easy if you leave it to chance.

Increase nutrients

We are mostly deficient in nutrients and this is why disease rears its ugly head.

We are not getting what we need.

The old recommendations of 5 a day are gone in my opinion.

Quality of food is lower than it used to be due to over-farming as well as companies trying to profit from the food industry.

You can’t monetise a vegetable as long as processed carbs in a packet.

The vegetable will go off a lot sooner than the packet of carbs.

Longer on the shelf means less waste and more chance of profit. (That’s for another blog).

I would aim for 8-10 portions of fruit and veg per day.

1 handful is 1 serving.

Keep the colours varied and favour vegetables over fruit.

Have more one day and less another.

In summary

Every bite of food you eat either helps you fight disease or feed it.

Being mindful of this will help you in the long run.

Focus on whole foods that are higher in nutrients and lower in Calories. As long as you support your energy needs, this will keep you healthy.

Implement fasting if that may help you manage hunger and Calories.

Keep protein moderate to high.

If you add a healthy exercise program into the mix you will see and feel a difference.

This is obviously a much bigger problem than any blog can solve. I just hope reading this got you thinking.

Fabio (fighting disease) Bonanno

P.S. if you need any help with your health and fitness issues then you can contact me HERE or below and I’ll be happy to have a chat with you.

  1. – Nutrition problems among home-living elderly people may lead to disease and hospitalization.
  2. – Autophagy limits activation of the inflammasomes.
  3. – ATGL-1 mediates the effect of dietary restriction and the insulin/IGF-1 signaling pathway on longevity in C. elegans.

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