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5 reasons corporate wellness is for you

What is corporate wellness?

In a world of evolution and new age thinking, corporate wellness is getting more and more recognition.

Is it a new fad or does it actually have a place?

It’s not just working out, weights and sweat.

By definition, it goes something like this…

“An organised program that assists employees to voluntarily make choices that improve their health and productivity inside and outside of the workplace.”

The bottom line: “Workplace wellness programs can generate savings as well as increased profits”

Based on a 2010 study, workplace wellness programs save on average $3.27 on medical costs for every $1 spent.In the same study, absenteeism costs fall by about $2.73 for every dollar spent.

Depending on your program, you could expect an average ROI of $5.81 for every $1 spent on employee wellness, according to results from 56 studies on the subject. 

These costs are typical in the USA and you can expect the same in the UK. 

So that’s the facts and definitions but how do you know if it’s right for you?

If you are running a business then your main goal is probably has 2 main areas of focus.

1- Make a difference providing value and results in whatever field you are in.

2 – Profit.

Based on point 2 alone, a well structured wellness plan is definitely the right decision but let me go into a little more detail.

The 5 reasons

1. Staff morale is improved.

By having a program that includes all areas of health and wellness, you will quickly see that staff interaction is increased.

This helps build strong relationships and each member of staff will build more confidence to address important issues. Staff become more approachable.

If staff feel valued, they tend to work harder.

2. Sick days are reduced.

One killer of any business is losing working hours.

If you are paying someone who is off sick, that money is gone. No return on investment and the staff member will probably increase their stress levels when returning to work with an increased workload to catch up on.

By implementing a collaborative exercise program with health and nutrition to support, as well as education on all areas of wellness, sick days can be reduced dramatically.

This means staff generally feeling better in themselves which is key for productivity.

3. Improved talent attraction and retention.

With an increased focus on workplace support and wellness, it is a huge component of added value and staff care to attract and retain your top employees.

Of course, your company has it’s own vision and ideas to support their staff.

If you combine whatever support and talent attraction/retention methods you currently have with a well planned and structured wellness program, you will increase the quality of your staff overall which means a better workplace environment and better bottom line too.

The top companies in the world have implemented this in a huge way, Google have nap pods and micro kitchens, Microsoft have an on site health centre, Facebook also have a fully dedicated wellness centre.

4. Productivity is improved.

We’ve all worked late nights, sipped on too much caffeine and ate too much artificial sugar to get us through the day.

This artificial stimulus is short lived and wont keep your staff well for long.

With an education platform to support informed decisions, you can improve staff productivity as well as increase their output.

They will work more efficiently and give you a bigger return for every hour they work.

5. Greater value for money

With the correct approach that is methodically planned with outcomes outlined for success, it is the best money a company can spend.

Instead of spending money on nice to haves, you focus on key areas that improve the staff members experience of the workplace and contribute to a great return on investment.

Staff are happier, healthier and value the company more.

Why listen to me?

I’ve been in the health industry for 8 years now and have been involved in health and wellness for almost 20 years.

I am currently the wellness coordinator for LinkedIn London. Overseeing 300+ staff and ensuring the wellness program is adhered to.

LinkedIn have a flagship global program that is hard to beat.

Some of the key services provided in the London office in Farringdon are as follows.

  • 19 free classes per week
  • “Perk up”. A yearly allowance to spend on anything wellness related.
  • Personal training on site.
  • Mindfulness classes and a dedicated mindfulness room.
  • A fully equipped gym with lots of equipment from 50kg dumbbells to 2 power racks for safe squatting and other key exercises, as well as lots of cardio kit.
  • Break out kitchen areas with healthy snacks and drinks provided.
  • A restaurant serving a fully cooked breakfast and lunch every single day.
  • Monthly and quarterly external events to improve staff morale.
  • Educational workshops in house and online.
  • A rooftop terrace to do work or entertain clients on.
  • Standing desks
  • On site massage in a dedicated room

This is very hard to beat and it goes without saying, all the staff feel very valued with all this in place.

Some photos of the site show you it’s pretty incredible

Part of the gym with huge windows on the 6th floor
The famous 7th floor rooftop
The beautiful building

I am obviously biased as I am fully bought into this and it’s why I got into the fitness industry in the first place after an 8 year engineering career.

There is so much value in providing this service.

If you want to find out more about how wellness can help you in the workplace then you can schedule a call by contacting me here

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