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Confidence is key

Some people have it.

Others don’t,

Others create it.

Confidence comes from owning what you do.

Repeatedly working on your craft or skillset.

Being bad is normal

If you gave me a violin, I wouldn’t be confident at all playing it.

I’d be terrible, I’ve never played it in my life.

However, if I was to play that violin every day for 5 years and get lessons, I’d be pretty confident.

When people have natural talent, they can be very confident, however, talent can be surpassed with effort.

Talent x effort = skill

Skill x effort = success

Both equations have effort in them.

If you have less talent, to achieve a good skill, you need to apply more effort, that’s just a fact.

Difficult? Yes.

Impossible? Certainly not.

Once you have that skill, you can maintain the effort you’ve been applying and you’ll finally be in a position of success.

Success will build your confidence.

Just know that it can be worked on.

You don’t have to play a violin every day for 5 years either.

Confidence will come from stepping into the gym 3 x week, every week for 1 year.

Confidence will come from reading 10 pages of a book every day.

Confidence will come from showing up early and doing the extra work.

Confidence can be created through effort and applied practice.

When you’re confident, you’re willing to try more.

Willing to try more and you’ll have a greater chance of growth and success.

Confidence (understated or overstated) will play a big part in your success.

Fabio (confident) Bonanno

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