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Are you ready to change?

You’re not ready to change A lot of people like the idea of change more than change itself. To succeed, we have to look at what successful people do and try to copy them a little bit. You wont grow and develop if you’re not willing to get uncomfortable. Comfort is easy, comfort is where […]

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Confidence is key

Some people have it. Others don’t, Others create it. Confidence comes from owning what you do. Repeatedly working on your craft or skillset. Being bad is normal If you gave me a violin, I wouldn’t be confident at all playing it. I’d be terrible, I’ve never played it in my life. However, if I was to […]

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What fitness professional should you listen to?

Everyone is shouting for your attention. “My method is the best way” “New juice diet/cleanse/fast is the quickest way to lose weight” “The metabolic masterclass to get in shape” First of all, it’s just annoying. You know what I’m talking about. It’s an ego battle at the top and people have to make money, so […]

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