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The best way to stop you from getting depressed

The best way to stop you from getting depressedNobody likes being depressed, It’s horrible, It’s dark,It can feel impossible to get out of.You can be in there for weeks, months, or even longer if you don’t figure it out. And that can be painful. The issue with depression is that it’s a selfish state of being.Bear with me here.When you’re depressed,All you […]

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5 home workout exercises to get results (with videos)

Home workout

Are you training at home? We have been in this lockdown for a while now.  It has seen a huge increase in the public buying home gym equipment as well as a big push for outdoor workouts and training.  The question is, Can you get the same results with home workouts as training in a […]

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Blue Monday Solutions

Blue Monday is here Yes, today is the most depressing day of the year, supposedly Why is that you ask? There’s a few theories out there, some of the reasons include; The Christmas comedown is in full effect and the high of the festive fun has worn off The debt from an early pay in […]

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The IBS solution

What is IBS? IBS stands for irritable bowel syndrome. To keep it simple, it is inflammation of the gut which means you’ll have a hard time absorbing and digesting food This will often be accompanied with bloating, discomfort and even cramps It’s not nice I completely get how it must feel I know how bad […]

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35 lessons at 35

What happens as you get older? You get wiser, At least that’s the idea If you’re always looking to learn and grow then the theory is that you gain knowledge as you age This knowledge is then applied when you take action and time compounds it into wisdom I feel since having a little boy […]

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10 myths about what I do as a personal trainer and coach

Not all personal trainers are created equal The truth about personal trainers is that you can get good ones and bad ones.  Any industry has it, there is a threshold of people who can get by just by being average and that’s ok.  It’s up to the individual to set their own standards and up […]

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Can anyone get abs?

Can you get abs? The short answer is yes. So why isn’t anyone wanting a 6 pack walking around with one? Read on to find out more. I seen this question recently and felt the need to answer it. Anyone can get abs. No matter who you are, it’s doable. What does it take? To […]

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Everything you need to know about protein

How important is protein to get in shape? It’s one of, if not the most important thing. When you hear or speak about protein, what do you think of? Do you think of bodybuilders powerlifters with huge muscles? Do you think of where it comes from like the animal or protein shakes? If you’re not […]

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How to boost your energy levels

Do you struggle with energy levels? A big issue with achieving anything is having the energy to do so. Whether you’re trying to be productive in work, at home or in the gym, We all need energy. What reduces energy levels? If we look at what reduces energy levels, we can start to figure out […]

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