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Can anyone get abs?

Can you get abs?

The short answer is yes.

So why isn’t anyone wanting a 6 pack walking around with one?

Read on to find out more.

I seen this question recently and felt the need to answer it.

Anyone can get abs.

No matter who you are, it’s doable.

What does it take?

To get abs, it’s a simple outcome of having less body fat.
Females will struggle more than males as they carry about 10% more body fat due to sex differences and hormones.
Generally anything in single figures of body fat percentage will show your abs.
If you do the right work for long enough, you’re going to get abs. 
Now that doesn’t mean when you decide you want them, the rest is easy.
If you’ve never had them or haven’t seen them in many years, over a decade for some,
You have some work to do.
One thing is for sure,
Waiting longer won’t get you there any quicker.

How to go about it

You have to be sensible in how you tackle it.
If you go all in and change everything in your life.
Chances are you will be back to square one in no time.
Huge diets and Calorie deficits will create such a negative Calorie balance it might cause you to binge and overeat.
No matter how good you are during the week,
You can always outdo your hard work at the weekends.
I would say that is what holds most people back.
They feel the need to reward themselves at the weekend.
They work so hard during the week, they’ve earned the rest and big meal(s).
This alone is what stops most people.

Be consistent

The issue with overeating at weekends is that you will always be fixing the damage you’ve just done. 
Meaning that if you eat thousands of Calories more at the weekend,
You can’t just cancel that out by not eating.
You still have to fuel normal activity.
Extreme diets only work in the very short term.
They can get a bit of fat off, fast
The issue is if you try to keep it up, your body thinks it’s starving and that’s not a good thing.
Things stop working after a while and you end up with negative side effects and a slow metabolism.
The goal is to stay on track at weekends so your good weekdays help you make more progress.
Be consistent.

Give yourself time

If you really want to get abs, my advice is to work twice as hard as you think you need to, for twice as long.
That way, you allow space for life to happen.
No matter how much you want things to be perfect, they rarely are.
Families, business and work, world health events, social events.
The longer approach is always going to be more sustainable the older you get.
You have more things going on.
Other responsibilities.
Going all in on your health will look different at 40 than it does at 20.

Simple sustainable targets

Look to lose 0.5-1% of your bodyweight per week.
This is a very simple and easy way to know you’re not dieting too hard.
That way, you can do the maths and see how much time you need before you get to your goal. 
Depending on how much weight or fat you have to lose, I’d say you need to take a break every 4-8 weeks so your body doesn’t give up on you.
If you diet for too hard for too long, your body thinks it’s starving (which it technically is).
Over time, your metabolism slows down and it becomes harder to lose weight if you don’t allow it to recover a bit.
By taking a break and increasing your Calories to maintenance levels, or just above, you tell your body it’s ok to lose more fat.
You should aim to take a “diet break” every 4-8 weeks for 3-7 days.
If you diet for longer then the break might have to be longer but these guidelines are good for most people.
Just make sure you don’t eat too much that you put on lots of fat in that week.

How many Calories?

A simple Google search will help you calculate your Calories.

Here’s one I like to use.

Click here

Counting Calories isn’t for everyone but I always recommend you do it at least once as it gives you a great idea of how many Calories and how much protein is in different foods.
If you have never tracked before, an app like MyFitnessPal is a great place to start, just click here to check it out
After a while, you should be able to transition into a more intuitive way of eating so you don’t feel the need to count Calories forever.
This might seem a bit overwhelming but it doesn’t have to be. 

How to apply this

I like to leave people with actions to apply when they read my blogs,
Otherwise it’s just good information you can’t use.
To get abs, you should roughly know your body fat percentage.
The mirror will tell a good story but measurements are always a better indicator.
The image below is a good guide
Once your happy, it doesn’t matter what body fat percentage you are.
Figure out where you are now and how much weight you need to lose roughly and you will know.
Calculate your maintenance Calories using a calculator similar to this one then take away 10-20% from that number.
Don’t forget about what you are doing.
Step on the scales and make sure you are on target.
Take an average weight over time and see if you are losing the weight you need.
The Calorie calculator is just a guide.
Everyone is different.
If you aren’t losing enough weight then you will have to cut more Calories.
If you’re losing too much, then you have to increase them.
It’s as simple as that.

My last point

Putting it all together is a bit complex but that’s where learning comes in.

No one will know your body as good as you.

Get a good coach to guide you along the way and you will speed up the process but ultimately the person responsible is you.

To really maximise getting abs, you should be weight training and doing some cardio (more or less depending on your current body fat and fitness levels).

You have to make sure you eat good quality foods, drink enough water and sleep at least 7-9 hours per night while managing stress.

Getting abs is simple but that doesn’t mean it’s easy.

If it was, the fitness industry would be dead.

Keep it simple.

Be consistent and take action every day and you will eventually get there.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this, comment below if you have any questions.

If you need specific help with this then get in touch by contacting me here

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