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Blue Monday Solutions

Blue Monday is here

Yes, today is the most depressing day of the year, supposedly

Why is that you ask?

There’s a few theories out there, some of the reasons include;

  • The Christmas comedown is in full effect and the high of the festive fun has worn off
  • The debt from an early pay in December is starting to accumulate
  • New Year’s resolutions are already starting to fail
  • You’re suffering from SAD (seasonal affective disorder). This is a low mood due to the long winter season and lack of sunlight.
  • It’s Monday and the start of a week can be hard for lots of people

It all sounds a bit depressing

There’s no wonder we feel down at this time of year

One thing that makes you feel down is the lack of control

We can’t change the weather so slogging it out all winter can feel tough

If you know that life comes with highs and lows, you can take comfort in knowing that feeling down is ok

You’re not supposed to feel amazing all the time, and that’s ok

On a serious note, if you feel overwhelmed, there’s plenty of options for free help for mental health

I like Mind Charity for the work they do

What can you do about Blue Monday?

You’re in luck, there’s a few things you can do

The key when you’re feeling overwhelmed is to take small actions to start to give you some wins

When you start small, you can manage your actions better and generate some positive momentum that will help other areas of your life

That’s one of the reasons most people fail goals, they set them when they’re motivated and ignore the reality that life can wear you down

Action points

Start small – Set smaller goals than normal

If you’ve always failed at your goals then start small

Give yourself that win

If you would like to workout 3-4 times per week, take a step back and guarantee 2-3 times per week

There’s something great about having manageable goals

This doesn’t mean you should be avoiding stretch goals, this action is just to get you some quick wins

Get outside – Sun is important

While the day isn’t long, warm or often bright, the sun’s power is still there

Get outside as early as possible, ideally on sunrise to get the positive effects of the sun that can help mood

When you get out early in the morning, this sets you up for a good night’s sleep

We all know, sleeping well helps your mood too so start your night time routine with a morning walk outside

Go for a walk

Walking is simple, anyone can do it and it’s free

Being out in nature calms the mind

You’ll burn Calories walking and destress at the same time

It’s not painful and helps contribute to a long and healthy life

Getting regular walks are key

Be quick

Big workouts might seem overwhelming for some

If you’re new to exercise, unfit or been slacking for too long, you might not need huge workouts

Find a YouTube workout or do some simple bodyweight squats and press ups to keep you moving

You just need 10-20 minutes to start

Get a few wins under your belt and you’ll start to improve and look to do full workouts


Dehydration decreases performance and your bodies ability clear out toxins

Drink enough water throughout the day and you’ll decrease hunger and reaching for bad foods

Look to drink about 750ml-1 litre per 20kg of bodyweight as a guide

Start your day first thing with 500-1000 ml of water

Eat well

Eat junk, feel like junk,

Eat great, feel great

Look to increase protein intake from food sources such as lean beef, chicken, fish, eggs and dairy, if you struggle, have a protein shake

Protein keeps you fuller for longer and stops you reaching for junk food

Add in some vegetables and some starchy good carbs and you’re in a good place

If you are always eating sugary and processed foods, you’re going to increase inflammation in the body and that slows everything down

Be grateful

Practice gratitude, whatever that looks like for you

Being grateful has be shown to increase happiness

You can start with writing down (on paper) 3 things you’re grateful for in the morning and 3 things before bed

This puts your mind in a positive state and has you looking for the good in life instead of the bad

It sounds simple but can really take you out of that funk

Bonus points for speaking to real life human beings and telling them you’re grateful for them


Last but not least is to meditate or practice mindfulness

This helps you focus on things you can control instead of what you can’t

You don’t have to start with full blown meditation sessions

Take 3-5 long deep breaths in and out and watch your stress levels decrease

Srt reminders on your phone

Take time out of your busy day

If you need assistance, go onto YouTube or download apps like Calm or Headspace to get you going


You might be feeling down today, just know that it’s normal and you’re not alone

Get moving, drink water and set some goals

It will pass if you take action,

Start where you are with what you’ve got and slowly build from there

Coach Fabio

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