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5 reasons you’re not losing fat

Why isn’t it working?

You’ve tried everything.

Every workout, and every diet, but still no progress.

These days, there’s no end to the advice out there, it’s confusing.

Joe Wicks is even changing his mind and he’s meant to be the industry expert.

That’s not a dig, just showing you that not everyone is perfect.

The top 5 reasons you’re not losing fat

  • 1. You aren’t in a Calorie deficit.

Without overcomplicating things, to lose fat, you need to healthily eat less than you’re burning.

It doesn’t matter how many avocado on toast breakfasts you have, if you’re eating too many Calories, that spare tire is still going to be hanging about.

The best way to know is to track your Calories with an app like MyFitnessPal or similar. You input your foods and quantities and it tells you the Calories in them.

If you’re weight isn’t moving, that’s how many Calories you need to maintain weight. Take away 10-20% away from that and that’s what your fat loss Calories are.

If you really aren’t up for counting Calories then try to eat similar foods most days and weigh yourself daily, first thing in the morning.

You can estimate if you’re eating too much or not after 1 week going by what the scales tell you.

There’s a lot more variables but I want to keep it simple.

  • 2. You have an unhealthy “circle”

It’s been said that you’re the average of your 5 closet friends.

This comes to financial wealth, habits and you waistline too.

If you’re friends are hanging about the pub, it’s going to be VERY difficult for you to avoid drinking as well as the lack of good food too.

You don’t have to live like a hermit, just find mates that are into exercising and not destroying their livers numerous times per night.

  • 3. You think you deserve a cheat meal/day/weekend.

Fat loss is won and lost at the weekend.

Most people can keep it together during the week only to think they deserve a drink and a meal at the weekend.

It turns out that 1 meal, drink or day off completely cancels out the whole week of hard work.

There is definitely a place to relax, go for a meal and have a glass of wine.

However, that isn’t an excuse to open the flood gates.

Stay on track by setting rules for the weekend.

  • 4. You aren’t moving enough.

A few workouts per week wont cut it if you’re a desk jockey for 8 hours per day.

You won’t get anywhere by literally not moving anywhere.

Being active during the day can burn up to an extra 2,000 Calories for that day.

That doesn’t include actual exercise.

Walk more, move from your desk every hour, take the stairs, do some press ups.

You don’t have to be the strange guy at the office, just don’t be the slob who doesn’t move all day.

Basic guidelines are 10,000 steps per day and 12,000 if you’re really looking to push it.

  • 5. You’re snacking too much.

Healthy snack bars can be upwards of 300 Calories.

You don’t even notice these little treats.

This ties in with point 1 but you can save Calories here and there and start to lose fat without feeling like you’re dieting.

Skip the cappuccino with croissant in the morning and just have a black coffee.

That alone will be 300-400 Calories saved.

Having a mid afternoon boost of coca cola can be about 135 Calories.

Always ask yourself if what you’re eating or drinking is really serving you.

Be honest.

It isn’t rocket science.

Most people know what it takes to lose fat, they just don’t have that focus.

I overheard someone today saying they eat healthy, then, 30 minutes later I seen them eating a slice of pizza.

Be honest with yourself and be aware.

You can’t wish your way to fat loss.


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