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5 home workout exercises to get results (with videos)

Are you training at home?

We have been in this lockdown for a while now. 

It has seen a huge increase in the public buying home gym equipment as well as a big push for outdoor workouts and training. 

The question is,

Can you get the same results with home workouts as training in a gym with weights? 

The answer isn’t simple

With any training program, it is rarely about how perfect it is. 

It is more about how much effort you put into it and how committed you are to seeing it through.

A perfect plan that you only do 50% of the time isn’t as good as something 60-80% good but you apply yourself 100% of the time. 

The key is to enjoy part of the training, or even more importantly, the outcome of the efforts you put in.

It’s rarely the specific workout that gives you the results, it’s the importance you attach to it and how much you put into it. 

A dance workout that you put absolutely everything into is better than a lazy cardio session. 

It will release more feel good hormones as well as burning more Calories. 

You can get good results training from home. 

The principles of getting in shape are simple. 

You need to use a lot of muscle with good technique.

Apply yourself and work harder every time.

Gradually increase sets, reps and or weight over time.

This means planning rest days/weeks when progress plateaus. 

This post isn’t about getting too focused on the specifics.

Just know that if you learn proper technique and gradually work harder and get fitter over time, you will get in shape. 

If you manage your nutrition then results are guaranteed. 

What can you do at home without spending a fortune on lots of gym equipment. 

Here’s my top 5 exercises.

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  1. The broomstick deadlift.

Use a broomstick or mop handle for this. Attach the level of band to suit your strength needs. 
Ensure it is strong enough to take the weight. 
The deadlift has been said to be the king of all exercises and will work pretty much all exercises in the body. 

  1. The banded shoulder press. 

One of the biggest ways to strengthen your upper body. 
Even though it is working your shoulders, you will work your core and legs if you create enough force. 

  1. The half kneeling banded row.

If you don’t have access to a pull up bar at home then this is the next best thing. 
You can attach the band to a door handle at home. Just make sure you are pulling the door closed so it doesn’t swing open when pulling. 
This will work you back muscles as well as lower body and core. 

  1. The stick biceps curl.

What upper body movement isn’t complete without a biceps curl? 
Just make sure you don’t cheat here. You can attach fat grips (fatgripz) if you have them, they can easily be found online. 

  1. The chair dip.

Another great upper body exercise. 
Working lots of upper body muscles and opening up the shoulders if done right. 

With all of these exercises, work within your strength levels and always practice controlled lifting tempo as well as mastering good technique. 

If you have any questions then let me know below or message me at fabio@fabiobonanno.coach. 

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