It’s not enough to just be working hard these days.

Unfortunately, the next mind blowing muscle building workout in your favourite bodybuilding magazine isn’t going to cut it. Train smart.

Have you ever noticed that next month they have something different for the same goal?

If you look in the other blogs, you’ll see I’ve written about progressive overload before. Increasing sets, reps and weight over time will get you the results you want.

Whether that is building muscle, burning fat or “toning”.

Each goal requires the same thing, hard work and applied intensity.

What do I mean by applied intensity?

It’s all very well building muscle, moving a lot of weight and working harder. If you don’t focus that work on the muscle you are trying to grow/build/define, it’s wasted efforts.

Have you ever noticed the guy in the gym working his ass off? He is fairly lean and fairly muscular but not overly impressive for the noise he makes and the effort he puts in?

Well, it’s not just how much weight you can shift, it’s where that weight is going.

If you’re swinging a biceps curl and shifting a lot of weight at the expense of your shoulders and lower back doing all the work. You wont get anywhere if you’re trying to grow your arms.

The thing about that is that the weight, effort and intensity is there, it’s great and it’s needed, however, if it’s not on the target muscle then it’s not doing what you want.

Now, instead of just working hard, you have to work SMART.

Think about it as taking 1 step back and 3 steps forwards, your progress will advance massively once you understand how to train.

Your muscle will grow when stressed when it’s weak.

If you only work in your strong range, you will be limited by that range. Think about half reps biceps curls.


Here’s an example, 21’s for biceps (7 bottom half reps, 7 top half reps and 7 full reps) works by taking advantage of the muscle at both end ranges of the movement.

This takes advantage of the weak areas. (The bottom of the movement, the weakest and longest as well as the top of the movement, the contraction where the muscle is shortest and stronger.)


A healthy muscle is one that can move through a full ROM (Range of Motion) by getting lengthen and shortened under control.

If you want to grow, you have to understand how this works.

You don’t have to be a biomechanical genius. You just have to understand the concept and get in the gym and start playing about with what works and what feels right or wrong.

If you don’t feel it in the target muscle, chances are, you aren’t doing something right.

When you train smart, every workout is about doing most of the important things right.

Don’t overly think things either. That will reduce how hard you work. It might take a few weeks of re-learning but those weeks will keep you progressing for years if you haven’t done anything like this before.

The difference between a good and a great physique is usually time and how hard you can train a specific muscle.

If you are REALLY still lost with the results you’re not getting then get in touch. I’ll be more than happy to help.

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