Do you want to put on muscle, get bigger and don’t know the best way to go about it?

There’s so much information out there on the best workout program for muscle gain.

To be honest, it doesn’t exist so you wont find it.

You might find something that works for you at the time but it wont last as every program has a sticking point. You will plateau eventually.

How do you do it?

You ultimately have to know what works.

The current science is starting to show a trend that to put on muscle, rep ranges don’t matter as much as total volume lifted.

Total volume per workout is calculated by Weight x Sets x Reps.

This will give you a number and theoretically if this is going up every workout, you will put on muscle.

Never forget the importance of nutrition and supplements here. If you’re not eating enough, you wont grow.

What can help is supplementing a product like CompleteFX as this has high quality carbs and protein as well as others to help you hit your targets.

Nothing beats real food and hard training, although I have personally found Smart-Tecs products helped me out a lot when putting on size.

The science.

It doesn’t mean you can lift 5kgs on a squat 1000 times and you will get massive.

There is a threshold for results here.

Remember the ultimate goal is to add weight to that total volume number each workout. If you aren’t then you might feel like you’ve worked out but you’re actually going backwards.

Here’s an example.

Lets say you pick 100 kg’s, set 1 you do 10 difficult reps, set 2 you do 8 and set 3 you do 6.

That’s a total volume of 2,400 kg’s.

Did you see the reduction in reps as each set went on?

Well, now take this for example. 100 kg’s again. This time for 4 sets, each of 7 reps.

That’s a total volume of 2,800 kg’s.

How to make it work.

To simplify you have to make sure the numbers are going up and find a way for you to do so.

If you need more rest, take more rest, the pump wont make you grow in the long run.

Bigger, compound exercises work best as you can lift more weight compared to an isolation exercise.

More weight = more muscle. (Assuming your exercise technique is good and you are activating your targets muscles.

If you are doing lower reps (less than 8) then I would stick to higher rests (60-120s).

I wouldn’t go more than 12 reps unless you are going to failure on your last set only. This means that you wont negatively effect total volume of that exercise at the end.

12 reps you can rest 45-90 seconds, maybe adding supersets.

Customise it.

You will have areas you want to work more and you will be a certain stage in your lifting career.

If you have never done 200 rep workouts, going from 80 reps total to 200 is too much.

Always allow room for progress. An easy target would be going from 80 reps per session to 90.

If all weights and exercises are the same you will put on muscle over time.

Final thoughts.

If this is all a little too much then you are best to contact a coach to explain it or even coach you through it. You will waste much less time and be in a better position.

By all means put it into practice. You have all the information you need right here and in other Smart-Tec blogs.

Please read through them all and try it out for yourself.

If not then you can contact myself here or on my website for more information.

The other Smart-Tec athletes Gordie and Jen are also available for any questions you may have.

Fabio Bonanno 100% natural athlete.