Do you know what “nutrition” even is?

I bet you 80%+ of the population are confused about nutrition.
We’ve all been there.
I was even speaking to a client yesterday about it.
Trying to explain what is easy for me but overwhelming for her.
I get it.
Everyone is preaching a different religion.
This way is best, no that way is best, no, try this!
Social media is really about who can shout the loudest and most often.
Be weary of that.
If you are seeing someone, it isn’t because they are the best, it’s probably because they understand marketing.
Remember that.
I have no need to feed you BS.
I’m pretty sure you’ve figured it out.

What to do?

I’m going to try and give you a super simple way of understanding nutrition right now so probably best if you save this email.
You can’t eat the same for different goals and different levels of activity.
It just makes no sense.
Think about your body like this.
The more muscle you have, the bigger fire you can burn.
The fire is your metabolism and the amount of Calories you burn daily.
The bigger the fire, the more wood you need to keep it burning, otherwise it will die off and not burn bright.

The wood for this metaphorical fire is carbs.

Let’s say you have never stepped inside a gym in your life, you have no muscle and no strength.
Your “fire” is weak, you put wood on it and it wont do anything, in fact it might even go out.
You aren’t aloud any carbs (wood). You are a matchstick and your fire burns very small and for a short period of time.
Low to no carbs for you, more veggies and more fat.
You have to build up the capacity of this fire.
The way to do this is to build strength and muscle.
The more muscle you have, the more wood (carbs) you need for the fire.
Your capacity is massively increased and you have to fuel that fire.
Once you have more muscle, your fire can burn brighter, you can eat more carbs.
The harder you use that muscle the more carbs you need. Think about using your muscle 100% like adding petrol to that wood fire, it’s going to explode.
The less intense and often you use your muscle, the less wood you need.
I am leaving it there before I lose you completely. Too many metaphors and confusion for 1 article.

In summary.

More muscle = more carbs, more calories, brighter fire.
Less muscle = less/no carbs, less calories, small fire.
It makes sense to weight train now doesn’t it?
This means you can eat the same amount of food and burn more fat over a 24 hour period.
Unless you are happy eating the same diet as a mouse, you have to weight train to stay healthy.
This is the reason why I’m creating a video series for nutrition, to make this a whole lot easier for you all to understand.
Keep your eyes peeled.
Fabio (fuelling the fire) Bonanno
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