What lessons can we learn from cold showers?

Do you ever brain storm in the shower?
Last night I had a nice little realisation while showering.
I have the daily dilemma of finishing my shower with a blast of cold or not.
I do love to over think things at times which makes me laugh but here me out.
My readers know that I’m a fan of a cold shower but recently with not being well and the weather changing, hot showers feel A LOT nicer than they used to in the summer.
All good.
​​​​​​​However, while debating being cold and finishing with zero hot water, I thought that putting yourself in an uncomfortable position more often will actually benefit you.
Think about it.
If you were warm and cosy all day, you would get used to it.
If you didn’t get out of the house, you would be comfortable but you wouldn’t be challenged at any point.
There would be no reference.

I used the cold shower as a reference to teach me discipline.

I can go off on one for something so small but I think it has merit.
By having my cold shower, I gave myself the benefits. (Stimulated lymph nodes, increase blood flow, increased fat burning, increased mental alertness, decreased body temperature – good for sleeping).
And put myself in an uncomfortable position.
No matter what area in life, being a little or even more uncomfortable forces us to change.
The same goes for the gym.
If you’re not seeing results then chances are you’re too comfortable.
You’re not pushing yourself.
​​​​​​​You’re not doing something different.

​​​​​​​My challenge to you is to practice being uncomfortable.

Don’t worry if you’re not good at it first time, it’s not expected.
​​​​​​​However, if you keep putting yourself in that situation, you WILL change.
The body adapts.
So does the mind.
If you feel like you’re doing the same thing day in, day out, week in, week out…
Maybe it’s time to be uncomfortable.
Change it up.
Fabio (cold shower lover) Bonanno
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