Laughing is one of the healthiest things you can do.


It just feel good and if anyone disagrees, I’m sure they need professional help.

Last night I was watching “Laugh at my Pain”, a stand up production by Kevin Hart.
He’s another comedian/actor I admire A LOT due to his work ethic and positive outlook on life.
In a world so serious, we all need to laugh a little more.
The title of his tour was to open up and let people into the pain of his past, some pretty heavy stuff there.
His dad being a drug addict is the main one.
He made it funny though and laughed about it all.
The jokes about some of the things he went through were incredible.
So what do we take from this?
Laugh, and do it as often as possible.
Once you stop taking life so seriously it becomes more enjoyable.
I mean, having a drug addict dad could potentially mess your life up of you let it.
However, if you look at the success Kevin Hart has created, it will not stop you at all if you take the right outlook.
This man used this as fuel for his jokes and his outlook is so positive you wont believe it.
Laugh at your own pain and you will be much happier.
It’s not easy, but it will be worth it.
P.S. I’m not saying to burst out laughing at funerals, just be a bit more positive and have a laugh at life’s hardships.
Fabio (laughing at my own pain) Bonanno