Do you ever wonder how to get out of pain?

Nobody likes to be in pain.
I’m sure there are some of us out there that do and that’s the “good pain” supposedly.
I confess, I’m one of them.
When you push yourself physically and mentally in the gym there’s nothing more rewarding than knowing you gave it your all.
Your body’s way of letting you know this is sore muscles the next day.
Those sore muscles are your body rebuilding itself, stronger than before so rejoice in your own misery and tell everyone how sore you are!
Just kidding, although I am totally guilty of the above.

The point of this post is to educate as always and I want to help you away from pain.

No point in looking good if you’re in pain (the bad kind).
It’s just draining and you’ll feel dead.
Pain is usually a result of one of two things.
1 – Too little movement. (Inactivity and sitting down in one position for long periods of times – think back pain).
2 – Too much of one movement and not enough of another.
My male readers who have tried to bench press there way to alpha male status will know what I’m taking about, the front of the shoulders hurt due to an imbalance.

Pain is just one thing that people will pay a lot of money to get out of.

I recommend you save a fortune and do your homework,
By homework, I mean stretching and moving.
Look at kids, pain free joints and simply feel amazing and full of energy.
One thing they don’t do is sit about hunched over a desk doing nothing.
Rather than tell you to go and do the fitness program of the century, I challenge you to move more.
Go out for a walk.
Stretch at home after a long day to help you unwind and relax.

Practice moving.

It sounds silly but simply doing things that kids do will be a lot more challenging than you think.
Play sport. Stay within a level you wont injure yourself with if you’re picking up a childhood hobby after 20 years. Trust me, you’re definitely not as good and/or as fast as you used to be.
I’m definitely one for really pushing it inside the gym, however, I’m an advocator of trying different things to keep your sanity.
Before you think about committing to any workout plan, commit to your primal health goals and start to move a little more.
Been sitting down for an hour? Get up and move your body, do a lunge stretch, take some deep breaths!

I’ll be giving you more tips. Any more info you want, leave a comment or contact me on here.

Fabio (moving more) Bonanno