The scary movie has an underlying message

2 things here.

At the weekend I went to see the remake of the horror movie IT.

I was pleasantly surprised, a must see if you’re into that kind of thing

Had me out of my seat a couple of times

Anyway, without being a plot spoiler, it’s about a scary clown they call “IT”, not sure why it’s in capitals but that’s what it is.

This clown feeds on the fears of kids and takes them away/kills them due to their fear.

Man, I know exactly how that feels and it brings me to my second point.

There’s a great book called “feel the fear and do it anyway”

It’s decades old but extremely relevant.

Basically saying that all our fears come down to the fact we think “we can’t handle it”

That’s it.

Whatever you’re fear is right now, most probably the underlying emotion or feeling is “I can’t handle it”

Fear of a new job?

Can’t handle the demands

Fear of starting to get in shape

Can’t handle the process

Fear of asking someone for something

Can’t handle their response

Ultimately, all our fears are self imposed.

Let me ask you this, whatever you have feared in your life, when you did that thing, what was the worst thing that happened?

Someone said no?

You lost a contract?

You got embarrassed?

Whatever it is, my guess is that life went on and you handled it regardless.

You have no choice.

The only way to not experience fear is to be comfortable, live a comfortable life without growth and ultimately fade away to a small fraction of your potential.

How deep is the above statement my friend?

Red it again.

I have the fear of “not” doing something.

The thing is

If you’re trying to get better

Trying to be better

You WILL 100% experience fear.

It’s he sign of growth and growth happens outside your comfort zone

That growth is accompanied by fear and that fear is what helps you adapt.

Our worst thoughts are accompanied by fear and they are usually our own fabrication


False Evidence Appearing Real

Heard that before?

What I’m trying to say here is that we hold ourselves back and the only difference between someone achieving their goals and someone that isn’t

The successful person experiences the same fear, but they do it anyway.

Thad so true when you think about it right?

If pure scared to take the jump my guess is that it won’t be as bad as you fear

If you’re struggling to get in shape because of the fear of what others think or how difficult the journey will be

You can handle it.

I’m positive of that

If you need some guidance to help you, I’m here for you.

I’m a personal trainer in Marble Arch.

Just contact me here

I won’t judge or bite

What’s the worst that can happen?

Fabio (fear friendly) Bonanno