Isn’t that the dream?

Sitting in a pub, drinking cider and getting healthier.

I’m sorry to burst your bubble here but that’s a pipe dream, some things just aren’t realistic.
While you technically can lose fat while drinking cider, you can’t lose that much if you knock back bottles and bottles of the stuff.
What I am talking about though is apply cider vinegar.
This has been getting more and more press recently and it is truly is amazing.
Some of the benefits are
Reduced belly fat
Increased inulin sensitivity (how efficiently your body uses carbs)
Reduced inflammation
Decreased overall weight
Appetite regulation
The list goes on.

Without getting too technical, the compound that helps in the vinegar is acetic acid.

This is where the benefits come from.
Can aid digestion too.
Some of the research shows that if you have 1-2 table spoons (15-30ml) in water 20-30 minutes before a meal, it can help the uptake of carbohydrates. 

What does that mean for you? 
You can eat carbs and process them better. 
Listen up though my vinegar drinking friend,
It’s not as simple as drinking this and you’re lean, fit and healthy. 

I’m always going to be real with you because why would I want to be anything else?
If you are eating junk, not exercising and don’t practice good nutritional habits, this will do nothing for you. 
​​​​​​​It’s like taking a fat burning supplement and not dieting, you wont lose weight.
Taking a weight gainer and not eating enough Calories over your energy output wont get you bigger. 
Don’t be fooled by labels and gimmicks, while I’m a massive believer (and user) of supplements
I am by no means deluded to what really gets results. 
​​​​​​​It’s my work ethic in the gym and my healthy lifestyle choices 
​​​​​​​Ask yourself this, if you’re not getting results you want, is it becuase of the supplements you’re taking?

My very educated guess is no. 

That’s just the reality. 
So while this wont harm you if you add it to your routine, it is 1 of 100’s of things you should be doing daily/weekly/monthly that will help you get closer to your goals. 
If you want to action it now then you can start by having 1-2 table spoons before every meal you have. 
Get it here
Fabio (cider drinker) Bonanno
P.S. here’s a research paper and article on the benefits of ACV. There’s lots more, just type in apple cider vinegar in pubmed (Google it) if you want to get geeky