When looking to lose fat, carbohydrates are one of the most commonly spoken of foods that make a difference.

Rightly so.

For the purpose of this text I’ll refer to getting results trough weigh training and nutrition. Not many other means like various sports and daily activity.

Should you cut carbohydrates?

You see, often when people would like to lose fat, they cut out carbs.

The theory is that the body doesn’t have carbs for energy and it will switch straight over to fat burning mode.

This can be true, however, as usual with nutrition and exercise, the answer is rarely binary (yes or no).

If you go from a high carb processed food diet to no carbs, you will 100% lose weight. The real question is what kind of weight are you losing?

It’s not uncommon to see anything from 1-5kg lost in the first week and about 1/2 that in the second week.

So they can be your friend but that weight loss you see is mainly just that, weight, not necessarily fat.

1 gram of carbs holds 3-4 grams of water. Theoretically, losing 100 grams of carbs (cutting from your diet) can make you lose 0.5kg (100g carbs + 400g water).

This is the glory phase of the diet that gives you confidence.
After the first week or 2, it gets harder.

You’re body’s primary source of energy is carbohydrates. Needless to sat when you completely remove them from your diet you will feel terrible and lethargic.

I try not to let these blogs get too long so I’ll try and round off here.

You could do a low carb boot camp, that means go low carb for 2 weeks, if trying to lose fat.

Get plenty of green and leafy vegetables in and you will feel good.

After this you can reintroduce them back into the diet in moderate amounts. This will ensure it gets stored as energy and not body fat.

To greater insure yourself, do the following. Have those carbs in the meal after your workout from clean sources. These can be fruit, rice, any kind of potato (not too many) and oats.

That’s it, trying to give you a little insight into carbs without getting too technical, I’ll post a more information at a later date.

If you want to find out more about what I’ve just spoken about contact me at the bottom of this page here.

Fabio (I love carbohydrates) Bonanno